Halloween at Greenwich Market

At school all day on halloween, now that’s what’s really scary! Luckily we had a 3 hour break to wander through the Greenwich market to check out all the Halloween themed booths. Almost all of them were accessorized with creepy crawlies, spider webs, skeletons and ghosts. There was a competition going on throughout the day for the Halloween Booth at Greenwich Marketbest booth and vendor costume. Some of them were pretty freaky though, might not have helped sales that much from customers like me who were too afraid to even walk past!

My favourite booth was the Brazilian churros, image to the left. To the right of their booth was the apple cider station you could smell from a few blocks away, perfect for a Halloweens night. It brought me back to when I was younger and would make apple cider at my Aunt Ailsa’s and Uncle Peter’s house. Delicious!

First Day of School

I love the first day of school! No one really knows where they are going and the teachers have no clue what skill level or range of students they’re going to get in their classrooms. Each teacher will start the class off by asking a series of questions to get a basic understanding of how much or little you know OR they will get you to do an elevator pitch on yourself. Through both techniques you quickly figure out who the students are and what they want to accomplish with their studies. You figure out who you’d want to partner up with on projects and who you can learn from.

I consider myself fortunate to have found Greenwich School of Management to get my MBA in marketing. My professors so far have proven themselves to be extremely knowledgeable on their subjects in both practicality and theory. The class size was around 20 students and the classrooms have a maximum of 30 students per class. My first class was Business Environment and Strategy followed by Marketing Planning and Promotion. Each class is 3 hours long and I have 3 classes per week. I have yet to have my Accounting and Finance for Managers course, it starts on Tuesday.

I had a 3 hour break between classes so David met me and we walked around thSour Candy from Mr. Humbuge Greenwich market. Now, the first day of school isn’t the first day of school without a sweet treat so we went to Mr. Humbug. The walls were lined with jars of candies and it was overly difficult to choose one. I decided to go with a sour raspberry candy. I was warned they are extremely sour but really how bad could they be??? Well, see image to the right. Yup! They were sour, so sour in fact I could only eat 2 the entire day. David thinks they’re great because now they will last me longer than 5 minutes before they’re gone. He never tried one after my reaction.

Overall it was a great first day of school. I met plenty of people interested in the same subjects, who are just as excited about being in school again as I am, and I even got to get a treat from the candy store. I’m excited for my classes, the readings and projects. I hope to share with you some of my lessons/projects as the year goes on.

Greenwich Market

Greenwich Market

We took a break from our “finding a place to live” search and went to Greenwich to walk around and become more familiar with the area we will spend most of our time in this year. Traveling to Greenwich from Crossharbour (where we are staying) is about a 25 minute walk. We have to go through a park, and then an underground tunnel to cross the river, which is awesome because you don’t get all the wind coming across the water. The image below is of the tunnel, note the keep left arrows and signs.

Greenwich TunnelOnce we got through the tunnel the first place we stopped was the Greenwich market! The Market itself is open Tuesday through to Sunday with specialized categories of items on different days. On Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday the market is filled with arts, crafts and food stalls while on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday’s it is filled with antiques, vintage items and collectables. The hours for the market are 10am – 5:30pm and it’s very easy to find.

There are plenty of little boutique shops in Greenwich covering your basic search for a local butcher, baker and coffee shop. Then they have some more fun shops selling board games, organic ice cream and my personal favourite a traditional candy shop :) After browsing about we went to check out the park. They were still taking stuff down from the Olympics, so that will just have to be another post later on. It was a good break, and now we are back to searching…