Bruge Chocolate Shop

Beer, Frites, Waffles & Chocolate

Belgium is famous for almost all of our favourite things to eat. For me, it was the the chocolate and frites while for David, it was the beer and the waffles. We had frites with every meal on our trip so believe it or not we could not wait to get back to London and eat some veggies. If you go to Brussels or Bruges it is just as difficult to choose what chocolate truffle to eat as it is what beer to drink. The number of chocolate shops in these cities is outstanding, same with the bars! In Brussels, Delirium holds the Guiness World Record for having over 2,000 beers available to choose from.

For the chocolate shops, we walked down one of the most chocolatey polluted areas in Bruges, Chocolate displaytook a sniff inside each shop and then let our noses decide. Some of the shops had amazing displays in their windows, our favourite was the one pictured to the right. We ended up going to Prailenette, it’s chocolatey scent stood out above the rest. Their workshop is in the shop where they are melting and making their chocolates fresh daily. We chose 16 truffles, all our favourite flavours out of the 83 different filled chocolates you could actually choose from! They were delicious and the perfect Christmas day treat.

Next up was choosing what beer to have. David went with a beer called Kwack, created in 1791 by brewer Pauwel Kwak.The glass to this beer has a round bottom and stands upright in a wooden stand. Those that don’t notice the shape of the glass and try to gulp the beer will usually end up with this one all over them as a torrent can pour out when the air reaches the bowl. If this happens to you, you have been Kwacked.

Waffles and CreamFor waffles in Belgium, they are the best when they are just served from the street. You can’t really go wrong with the waffles. We had ours with real whipped cream but places will offer all other sorts of toppings if you want. The frites in Belgium were also amazing every place we had them. I kept trying to figure out why they are so different the entire trip. On the last day I came to the realization that they are less greasy. This key difference, however they do it, is why they taste so delicious and why you feel like you can just keep eating and eating them! Perhaps it’s a good thing I don’t know how to make them like this as I would probably consume an unimaginable amount.