Legoland, Denmark

Imagine a town where all the buildings and animals are made of LEGO. How many LEGO bricks do you think it would take to build? A model size of that town would Legoland Minilandconsist of 60 million LEGO bricks and can be found in Denmark, where LEGO was invented. Today we went to check it out at LEGOLAND one of the top amusement parks in the world. The park is filled with activities for the entire family with a focus on challenging you to set your imagination free and embrace your inner child. The park started off with just the miniland opening in 1968 however has evolved since then with additions, rides, and waterparks.The largest model in the park is of Mt. Rushmore, built out of 1.5 million LEGO bricks.

Legoland Polar X-Plorer ZoneThe park is divided up into themed areas. The most recent addition to the park is the Polar X-Plorer, their largest roller coaster. The surprise 5 meter free fall near the end is completely unexpected, giving you quite the adrenalin rush! Throughout the roller coaster you encounter animals from the arctic made out of LEGO bricks. Pirate Land is another fun area where you can sail through a Pirate’s cave as they fight over stolen jewels and treasure. Even the trains and boats within the park are made of LEGO! Visiting the amusement park was the perfect end to our trip to Denmark.

Dyrehavsbakken, Denmark

Today David and I arrived in Denmark to visit Anne, one of my family’s former Rotary exchange students. Her parents picked us up at the airport and took us just outside Roller Coaster of Copenhagen to Dyrehavsbakken, the world’s oldest amusement park. It was first opened in 1583 when natural spring water was discovered in Dyrehaven Park. The spring water drew large crowds to the area and in return attracted entertainers and hawkers. Walking around the park in the evening was like being on set in an old movie as the lit up archways, rides and game stalls guided you through the grounds which are surrounded by forestry. It is FREE to enter the grounds and then you pay for the rides you want to try out and games you want to play for a prize. After eating we went on an old wooden roller-coaster, and then one called the Tornado, after convincing David and Anne that it wouldn’t spin that much. It was called Tornado, of course it was spinning!

The property of Dyrehaven is home to thousands of free-ranging red, fallow and Sika deer. I couldn’t believe Deer in the park groundshow many of them we saw as we walked through the trail outside the park. It was the first time I had ever seen a white deer. I felt sorry for it as the poor thing could be spotted by a hunter miles away. The baby deers were walking with their moms and crossing the pathways right in front of us. We also learned about some of the plants of Denmark, one in particular called Braendenaelde (Burning Nettle) that will cause a burning sensation if it touches your skin. It lasts for about 10 minutes then goes away.