Student Life & School Contests

I love contests and I love school so when schools have contests it’s just an overwhelming amount of excitement for me. Greenwich School of Management (GSOM) has a contest going on right now asking students to submit photos representing their “student life” here at GSOM. Of course I began to brainstorm about my student life here and how really it only consists of about 3 things: 1. Eating with friends in the common room downstairs 2. Reading/Studying in the library with friends and of course 3. Sitting in the classroom taking notes while the professor chats up a storm.

KayKay, who is pictured to the left is one of these friends. Knowledgable in her field and here to learn from others while succeeding in her studies. This is why for the contest I entered a photo of her and I together studying in the library. She’s one of the most dedicated people in the program and working towards her MBA in Strategic Planning. Together we share the same birthday and are both passionate about our home countries. GSOM has students from all over the world which adds to your experience here. KayKay has an extensive background in customer service and without a doubt I know she will have a successful future. As an MBA student the friendships you build here are different then when you’re getting your degree. Everyone you meet knows the direction they are headed and how they are going to get there. The MBA is just a stepping stone and every one of us brings past experiences from the work place to the discussions in the classroom.

I participated in the contest to try and win this iPad mini for Christmas. The contest goes until December 7th and you can vote once every 24 hours. If you want to help me out and vote for my photo just click here. Wish me luck! Thank you for your votes.


Pancakes, Parks & Prayer

A perfectly planned weekend with pancakes, parks and prayer. PancakesThis weekend we introduced some of our friends to a Canadian classic, Maple Syrup, with some traditional home made pancakes! I used my mom’s recipe that she would make for my dad every Sunday…then me…my younger sister…and then my youngest sister. To be honest, it’s one of the only things we would let mom make for us since no one could make them as fluffy as she could. Also, she would put chocolate chips in them and make them into animals. I made them just like this for our friends’ son. He had an elephant pancake! He didn’t take well to the maple syrup on his pancakes but he sure did enjoy dipping his bacon in it!

After the pancakes we walked through Greenwich Park starting from the south end, near Blackheath. Greenwich Park is the oldest royal park in London and covers 183 acres.Pavillion Tea House The park is at the top of a hill looking down the Thames River with St. Pauls Cathedral and the London Eye in the distance. At the edge of the hill is the Royal Observatory. The Pavilion Tea House  is one of many places to eat throughout the park that have their own private gardens. If you’re planning on visiting the park, here’s a link to their map. It’s a big park with plenty to see!

Now for the 3rd P of our weekend! Prayer. We’ve been attending the Christian Life Fellowship in Greenwich for the past 4 weeks and know this is the church we are meant to be attending! We don’t have any close family and they treat us as if we are part of theirs. They remember who we are, what we have going on and pray for us without being asked. David and I prayed about moving here, we prayed about finding a church and we prayed about what school I should be attending with each answer linking back to this church. We moved in the same area the church is held, this church has been praying for the school that I am attending using the classrooms as prayer rooms and we found the church using nearby search for churches around the school. The life-cycle of their prayer with ours is so evident and we are thankful for it. We thank God for being with us through this transition and for giving us a family in the church while we are so far away from ours. Prayer works.

Halloween at Greenwich Market

At school all day on halloween, now that’s what’s really scary! Luckily we had a 3 hour break to wander through the Greenwich market to check out all the Halloween themed booths. Almost all of them were accessorized with creepy crawlies, spider webs, skeletons and ghosts. There was a competition going on throughout the day for the Halloween Booth at Greenwich Marketbest booth and vendor costume. Some of them were pretty freaky though, might not have helped sales that much from customers like me who were too afraid to even walk past!

My favourite booth was the Brazilian churros, image to the left. To the right of their booth was the apple cider station you could smell from a few blocks away, perfect for a Halloweens night. It brought me back to when I was younger and would make apple cider at my Aunt Ailsa’s and Uncle Peter’s house. Delicious!

Time for Gelato

My weakness is frozen desserts. Cakes, pies and cookies I can easily pass up but for some reason ice cream, gelato and sherberts break all diets, eating patterns and rules. Black Vanilla GelatoToday we went to Black Vanilla in Greenwich for gelato. It was definitely a case of comfort food eating after such a stressful week. The house we moved into caused a lot of hassle and my timetable for school has not been posted. Gelato was the perfect solution! Gelato is also better for you then going straight for the tub of ice-cream. Ice cream has a 16-26% fat compared to gelato’s 4-8%. So really, it was the healthy choice.

The toughest decision when you’re in Black Vanilla is choosing what flavour to get! Since it was taking me an abnormally long time to choose just one flavour David said we will have to go back again. Perfect :) I decided to go with coffee and it was amazing! David had the caramel de leche (image right) which was also very good. Next time I’m thinking hazelnut, or pistachio, or salted caramel…



Greenwich Market

Greenwich Market

We took a break from our “finding a place to live” search and went to Greenwich to walk around and become more familiar with the area we will spend most of our time in this year. Traveling to Greenwich from Crossharbour (where we are staying) is about a 25 minute walk. We have to go through a park, and then an underground tunnel to cross the river, which is awesome because you don’t get all the wind coming across the water. The image below is of the tunnel, note the keep left arrows and signs.

Greenwich TunnelOnce we got through the tunnel the first place we stopped was the Greenwich market! The Market itself is open Tuesday through to Sunday with specialized categories of items on different days. On Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday the market is filled with arts, crafts and food stalls while on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday’s it is filled with antiques, vintage items and collectables. The hours for the market are 10am – 5:30pm and it’s very easy to find.

There are plenty of little boutique shops in Greenwich covering your basic search for a local butcher, baker and coffee shop. Then they have some more fun shops selling board games, organic ice cream and my personal favourite a traditional candy shop :) After browsing about we went to check out the park. They were still taking stuff down from the Olympics, so that will just have to be another post later on. It was a good break, and now we are back to searching…

Greenwich, London

We Made it to London

After a 2 hour delayed flight from Toronto, Ontario to Gatwick, London, a train ride (carrying 4 suitcases, a bass guitar, 2 brief cases) and a taxi ride with a driver who got lost, WE FINALLY MADE IT!!! We have different stories from each “step” of the trip that we will always remember. First on the plane, the lady beside us asks “Are you newly weds” we smile say yes, her reply “I could tell, you still laugh at each others jokes” Second was on the train, given all our luggage we had to strategize about how to efficiently get on and off it without getting in people’s way…most difficult part of the trip. And lastly the taxi driver who kept calling me “Love” throughout the entire drive. Favourite part for me was seeing Davids face when he saw the London Bridge, we are staying fairly close to there.

We found a place to stay for the next 2 weeks on Airbnb while we look for a more permanent place to live. Our first night our host took us to “The Greenwich Union“, the only pub in London to sell no national brewers products at all. After a Beer we grabbed some Fish n Chips for our walk back to Crossharbour, the area we are staying in. Given the time change we forced ourselves to stay up for a late night of 9:30pm (I know, sad, but we hardly slept on the flight)

The following day we went to enroll at Greenwich School of Management, street view photo for you below. Greenwich School of ManagementIt turns out we just missed a lady from the school who was traveling to Canada to share about the opportunities in studying here, so friends back home keep your eye out for this school! We also met with Kirk, he’s the accommodation person at the school. He’s going to keep us posted on places that come up accomodating married couples. Other places we are looking is Gumtree and Christian Flat Share. Hopefully it won’t take us too long to find a place :)