Gramma’s Little Helper – Scottish Butter Tart Shortbread

Thank you Danielle for the lovely write up on the Buttertart Festival and my mini business :)


My favourite part about summer time is all the festivals; especially food related festivals! This year one of my best friends, Emily, had her amazing butter tart shortbread  for sale at the Midland Butter Tart Festival. Yes we have a butter tart festival in Ontario and yes it’s amazing!

I had no idea that butter tarts are distinctly Canadian and one of our “quintessential desserts.” What’s better than flaky pastry, brown sugar and butter? Delicious! Add in either pecans or raisins and it’s even better! (well I like plain or pecan not a fan of raisins altogether).

It was my first time hearing about a festival dedicated to a butter tart, plus I had never been to the cute town of Midland. Midland is located on Georgian Bay and as you walked around the festival there’s a beautiful view of the waterfront. Classic Canadian cottage country vibe for any downtowners from Toronto.

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