Florence Italy

Tuscany Italy

Tuscany Italy is filled with extraordinary paintings, sculptures, architectural masterpieces and an outstanding countryside. As we left France and drove to Pisa, Italy we immediately felt a Pisa Italysense of comfort. Pisa is a small town that you can easily get around on by foot. As we approached Piazza dei Miracoli, the Cathedral Square, we quickly became entertained by the number of people posing with the iconic Leaning Tower of Pisa. If you do plan on creating a photo where you are ‘preventing the tower from falling’ may I suggest the person with the camera move to get the appropriate angle and not the subject. The Bapistry, Campo Santo and Duomo di Pisa are equally as impressive as the leaning tower and worth checking out.

We stayed on a campsite just outside of Florence, the capital of Tuscany Italy. The camp sites in Italy are excellent with buses that will take you into the city centers, this is definitely the more affordable option. Sculpture Florence ItalyFlorence has some of the greatest artistic treasures of the world and if you plan on seeing them all you will need more then a day. My favourite sculpture in the city was Cellini’s Perseus and Medusa placed outside Palazzo Vecchio, Florence’s city hall. The artist placed his signature in the form of his face on the back of the helmet and his girlfriends head as Medussa. It was unacceptable for a sculpture to sign their work however they often found a clever way of doing so. The amount of outdoor art in Florence is incredible including a replica of Michelangelo’s David. A must see for art lovers.

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