Nissen Plantage

Nissen Plantage, Denmark

This past week we have had the privilege of David Shootingstaying in a renovated farm house (originally built in 1775) out in the countryside of Kølstrup, Denmark. The original beams on the exterior remain however the thatch roof has been replaced due to high maintenance costs. The home belongs to one of our family’s exchange students, Anne, who stayed with us in Canada. For some fresh whole milk in the morning they walk over to their neighbour’s farm. After living in a city for so long it sure is great to get out to the country! David even went out shooting and hunting with Anne’s dad, an experience I’m sure he will never forget. I made for them a Canadian favourite among exchange students, pancakes with maple syrup. Anne’s youngest brother however just spread Nutella all over the chocolate chip pancake and ate it that way.

Walking distance from their house is Vikingemuseet Labdy, a Viking Museum, Ladbyviking ship burial mound from 1,000 years ago, the oldest in the world. This is the only ship grave in Denmark from the viking period. The King of Ladby was buried in his ship with all his possessions including animals. When you visit the ship underground the skeletons of some of the horses remain. The original anchor is in the ship and iron curls used to decorate the “dragon’s mane” are on display in the museum.

Also Cherry Farmwithin walking distance is an amazing cherry farm, Selleberg. We walked through the different types of cherry trees, picking them from the tree to taste. They have a small little shop where they sell cherry products such as jam, syrup and ice cream.


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