Brighton, England

Brighton, home to the extravagant pleasure palace of George IV, also known as the Royal Pavilion. The oriental structure is unlike any building you will see in all of England.The Royal Pavilion It only costs £8.50 if you are a student to go inside and see how extravagant the interior is. From the 12 foot long dragon on top of a chandelier to the Great Kitchen containing the latest in modern equipment of the 1800s it is well worth the money to see for yourself. No photos are allowed to be taken inside. The King was often scrutinized in public due to his obesity at age 30 so there was an underground passageway from the pavilion to the stables for private access. The Royal Stables at the Royal Pavilion are now the Brighton Museum & Art Gallery as well as the Dome Concert Hall. As a country, the UK makes good use of what space is available to them in times of crisis. During WWI the pavilion was used as an Indian Military Hospital housing 724 beds treating over 4,000 Indians and Gurkhas. York Place schools were also converted into a hospital at that time.

After picnicking at the pavilion gardens we made our way down to the famous pebble beach which is hard to believe is even real! It is said Brighton Pierthere are around 614,600,000 pebbles on Brighton beach and don’t you dare think about ‘pebble pinching’, taking one home as a keepsake. It’s illegal to do so and they are asking visitors to the beach who have taken one in the past to ‘please return the pebble’. We walked along the famous Brighton Pier then along the promenade past the remains of West Pier. We found a room through airbnb that worked out perfectly, walking distance to everything in the town. Finally, before we caught our train home we browsed a few of the off beat shops on North Laine and took in all the graffiti art along the walls throughout the town.

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