Hvar Town Tower

Hvar + Stari Grad, Croatia

Due to the high winds on our way to Hvar town we stopped in Stari Grad. Stari Grad is used as a safe harbour by many boaters and sailors passing through the middle of Dalmatia. Hvar is the Stari Gradlongest island in the Adriatic. I was extremely pleased with the stop as it is the oldest town in Europe, dating back to 384 BC, and the heart of the island of Hvar. The Tvrdalj is one of the most fascinating buildings in Stari Grad. It is a fort of defence built by Poet Petar Hktorovic to protect the town from the Turks in 1520. The only entrance is over a bascule bridge. There is a fishpond and park within the fort where villagers could fish without being seen. A number of inscriptions are engraved in the stones including one saying ‘Omnium Conditori’ where Hektorović dedicated his Tvrdalj to God, the Creator of everything.

View from Spanish FortressAfter wandering the streets of Stari Grad, we took a taxi into Hvar town. The first thing we did was climb up to the Spanish Fortress originally built in the 13th century. The amazing view overlooking the entire town from the top of the hill was well worth the 15 minute hike up. To cool down we went to the Hula Hula beach bar. In the evening I had the most amazing steak I have ever eaten in my entire life at Kogos restaurant!!! Seriously, you could cut it with a butter knife. It was the perfect end to our day.

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