Korcula, Croatia

Korcula was one of our favourite towns visited during our Croatia sailing adventure. This medieval walled Dalmatian city and said birth place of Marco Polo is one of the greenest Korcula, Croatiaislands in the Adriatic sea. The town is rich in arts and culture with many museums to see during the day and talented street performers to entertain throughout the night. We were fortunate enough to overhear a choir rehearsing for a concert in the center of the city for the upcoming weekend. We sat with our take out pizza on the steps of the building and talked to the singers during their break. They were practicing a mix of classical and modern music, different from anything we’ve heard before.

Like many of the towns visited throughout the trip Massimos Korculayou can walk everywhere and see everything within them. We stopped for gelato twice in Korcula and at £1.50 for a double scoop each, we could afford it! At sunset we went to a cocktail bar called Massimos. The bar is built in the turret of a 15th century tower and has beautiful views of both the town and the coast. We climbed up a steep ladder to get to the top and our drinks came up by pulley. Try not to have too many drinks at this height, as getting back down the ladder could be difficult.

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