Venice Italy

Lost in Venice

Venice is a city that feels like a community. Men and women shop locally from their favourite bakery, butchers and vegetable markets daily and the food is amazing. We took the train from Verona to Venice Venice Maskand when we arrived we thought it would be no problem to find our hotel. Little did we know that Google maps does not depict the roads properly and many of them are not even printed out on maps. Fortunately we were near one of the tourist destinations with signs to follow once we got off track. Venice was very safe, which meant no risk in getting lost unless it was night. There are very few lights to guide you back so it can take a while if you get lost in the evening.

One of the best things to see in Venice is the Mercato del Pesce, the fish market. I personally don’t care for fish or its smell but the experience is worth it, and you can pVenice Fish Marketlug your nose as you walk through. The market is located along the canal behind the Rialto Bridge and is best to visit in the morning. Across from the fish market is Mercato di Frutta e Verdura, the fruit and vegetable market. The vegetables are so colourful and tempting. You can pick up some fruit to snack on during the day and pick up a roll at a bakery nearby for lunch.

David and I consumed an overwhelming amount of pizza during our trip. Every single day we had pizza, Venice Gelatoand more often than not we had it for both lunch and dinner. It’s cheaper than any other dish in the city and very fresh. The gelato is what I will miss the most about our trip. Getting a scoop for 1.50 was like living in one of my dreams. Gelato is my absolute favourite and pistachio is the flavour to beat. Pictured to the right is me in the gelato eating zone!

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