Grund from the city

Luxembourg City

Luxembourg is at the cross roads of Europe with Germany, France and Belgium surrounding it. It was one of the original countries to help form the European Union (EU) and is one of the three official EU capitals. The name Luxembourg is derived from Lucilinburhuc and has the equivalent meaning of a small fortress. The city is characterized by two dominant features, first being the high peaks of rock used as a strategic advantage to build fortresses on, and the other being its small sizGrunde.

The highlight of the city was The Grund, one of the city’s oldest neighbourhoods located down in the valley. Most of the area’s original construction remains the same including the homes along the Alzette River. Grund was the first neighborhood to surround the castle, which was built in 963. The image featured above is also of Grund from above in the main part of the city.

A city visit isn’t complete without checking out some free exhibits. We went to see Jean Cocteau, The Graphic Oeuvre and Marco Godinho, Invisible More Visible More Invisible. The Jean Cocteau exhibit was divided into 10 chapters. The most fascinating of his work is self-portraits, religion and the synergies he had working with other famous artists like Picasso and Matisse. The most amazingJean Cocteau part about his work was the amount he could express with a minimal amount of lines and colour. The Marco Godhino exhibit was held at the Casino, a modern art museum in the city that used to be a real casino. I’m not a huge fan of most modern art but if you check out the website links above you might understand why I would describe him as more of a philosopher than an artist.

You can see the city and visit everything in it in just a day so it’s worth checking out even if only on your way to another destination.

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