Last Minute Trip

My best friend from Canada recently surprised me with a visit to London. I had the week off so we decided to go on our own little adventure without our husbands. We had a strict 5 day timeline, a tight budget and I also had a broken toe. After the process of elimination, we chose to visit Luxembourg. The country is small enough that we could visit the entire thing within our time frame while staying relaxed. With EasyJet we booked a great package deal. Below was our plan:

Day 1: Fly from London – Luxembourg. This is only a one hour flight however they are one hour Luxembourgahead so you end up arriving two hours later. We left in the late afternoon so arrived around dinner and headed into the city.

Day 2: We spent today in Luxembourg City. The maps really should be pop-up ones because the roads and bridges are on all different levels. Our favourite part of this day was the Grund area, make sure you get down to see it.

Day 3: Today we took the train and bus up to Vianden. This is a very small town with a beautiful castle at the top of a hill. In the summer you can take a lift up, however it is closed during the winter.

Day 4: Our last day in Luxembourg we went to Echternach. This is the oldest town in Luxembourg and a bus will take you directly there from the city. This town made you feel like you were on a film set and was absolutely spotless.

Day 5: Fly from Luxembourg – London. We went shopping in Luxembourg on our last day. Nothing is open on Sundays so it’s best to go during the week. On our flight home we left and arrived at the same time because of the time difference.

Emily PurkissWe did not have a vehicle and you do not need to rent one to visit Luxembourg. Transit will take you anywhere you want to go for only 4 euros a day! On our way to these towns we drove through many others, allowing us to see a bit more of the country. I will post in more detail about these towns within the next few days. If you want to have them sent to your email address feel free to subscribe below.

One thought on “Last Minute Trip

  1. Sounds so nice… I’m glad you had some time together…I’m sure you had lots to talk and laugh about knowing you two…actually I wish I was there with you both…I always have a great time as well when I get to spend time with you together…luv you both kel/mom

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