valentino exhibit at somerset house

Valentino: Master of Couture

The Somerset House hosts some amazing exhibits and their latest definitely lived up to its reputation, Valentino: Master of Couture. Vanessa Thomas, the fashion designer behind Jesse Rowes in Toronto, accompanied me to this exhibit during her stay here in London. She is currently working on her new collectionvalentino exhbit and what better way to be inspired than being in one of the top fashion capitals of the world and seeing a showcase of 130 Valentino haute couture designs.

The exhibit is broken down into three parts. First you enter a room where a collection of photographs are presented from Valentino’s personal archive. Here you find some magazine covers as well as letters from fashion editors and celebrities. From there you walk down the catwalk where the 130 designs are displayed. These included designs worn by Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Gwyneth Paltrow, Julia Roberts and Audrey Hepburn. In the final section is the incredible wedding dress of Princess Marie Chantal of Greece exemplifying the process of couture. There are also mini tutorial videos demonstrating the processes of some of the designs stitch by stitch. Amazing!

If you can’t make it to the exhibit you can explore the Valentino Garavani Virtual Museum.

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