London Jazz Cafe

The Jazz Cafe is located in the heart of Camden attracting internationally known musicians in Jazz, Soul, Funk, Dance and Hip Hop. The venue is great with a stage surrounded by an open dance floor, bars around the outside and upstairs looking down onto the stage is a restaurant. Once inside it’s difficult to believe the building Brian_McKnightwas once a Barclay’s bank branch.

David and I have been here a few times since moving to London. We saw Roy Ayers, a well known Vibraphonist/Vocalist and the Godfather of Neo-soul here in London. His songs “Everybody Loves the Sunshine,”, “Searchin” and “Running Away” are loved by every generation as they dance and sing along throughout the show.

More recently we went to support one of our Canadian artists here in London, Divine Brown. Divine Brown is opening for Brian McKnight then is off to Cannes, France for Canadian Blast at MIDEM 2013. You can check out some of her stuff on the links above. Her voice is unbelievable.Thanks to Divine, she brought along one of our best friends from Toronto as her keyboardist, Kibwe Thomas. Kibwe is a very talented keyboardist and singer. He is also a music producer and director with his own recording studio “Heaven Sound” in Toronto. You can check out the recording studio’s youtube page here.

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