Portobello Road Market + Abbey Road

On a crowded Saturday afternoon David and I, with some friends from Canada went to check out the world famous Portobello Road Market. The market takes up most of Portobello Road andportobello road market is about 2 miles long. As you could probably imagine, to walk from one side to the other can take quite some time. There are 5 distinct markets within the market. These include Antique’s, Fruits and Veggies, New Goods, Fashion Market and the Second Hand Goods area. It was at this market that I realized I should never pay more than £1 for a scarf! I picked myself up two new ones, a patterned pink and brown one and then a solid brown one to wear twisted together. Our friends snagged a few deals themselves on jewelery and tops.

Portobello Road only started to take notice and become recognizable around the 1850s when Paddington and Notting Hill started residential development. Once these areas were built, it soon became the perfect place for a market. Originally the stalls were predominantly food but as the neighbourhood expanded people began selling general items. The world famous antique section of the market began around 1945.

Today was all about famous roads as from there we went to check out Abbey Road and Abbey Road Studios. Note to all planning on visiting this ever so famous street and taking your own crosswalking pic: IT IS STILL A abbey road studioVERY BUSY ROAD! It takes multiple attempts to get it right and you would be lucky if you do. If you are really determined to get the perfect Abbey Road pic do not go during rush hour or on a Saturday. Those at Abbey Road Studios must find it amusing as they have a live webcam from their building producing a live feed of people trying to get that perfect photo. You can check it out here. Out front of Abbey Road Studios is a dedicated graffiti wall where fans can bring their sharpies and write down their inspirations, dreams or even draw a picture. It was my favourite part about the area as primarily Beatles fans from all over the world have left their comments.

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