London Eye

The London Eye

If you plan on visiting the London Eye during your trip, I recommend doing itLondon Eye View at the end of your visit. By the end of your trip you will have a better understanding of where all the popular landmarks are and get to see them from a new perspective. It’s also fun to point out all the places you’ve visited while going around. There are 32 capsules on the London Eye, representing the 32 boroughs of London.

It is worth the half hour wait to book a time to go on and then line up again for another half hour. I love heights and enjoyed eon the london eyevery minute of being 135 metres above the London skyline. We were lucky to have gone on such a clear day, and it was surprisingly bright considering the weather here. It is flawlessly designed and operated. The capsules you stand in are large enough to walk about in, giving you an amazing 360 degree view from the top of the wheel. It’s also very easy to step on and off, keeping the wheel turning.

Some things you should know before going. You need to buy your ticket before hand, you can do this online or if you are going to any london eye from groundother attractions you can probably get a bundle deal. When you buy your ticket you have up to 5 days to use it and decide when you would like to go. Once you have bought your ticket you then need to stand in a line that says tickets to book your time across from the London Eye. It will most likely be out the door and down the path a little, but not to worry, the line moves quickly. After you have stood in line they will give you a time to get on the London Eye at. You line up half an hour before hand. No earlier and no later. They will turn you away if you try and get on earlier, just obey your time call.

The toughest part about this is deciding when to go. I would definitely want to do this again at night the next time we have visitors. It’s beautifully lit up at night and changes colours.

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