Mini-Holland or Madurodam

If you only have a few hours to visit Holland you can see the entire country at Madurodam in half a day! This interactive miniature replica of the country tells the unheard stories of Holland’s famous buildings from the miniature replicas of the people who lived and worked there. You can weigh yourself in cheese, save a village by operating the Oosterscheldekering storm surge barrier and sail some boats through the locks near some windmills. Cleo and I were even lucky enough to catch a live Golden Earing concert! Click on video below.

We also collectively put out a boat fire. Click on video below.

There were tons of market replicas selling flowers, fish and of course cheese. Here we learned about where the term “cheese heads” for a national nickname even originated from. In short, the Dutch used to use the shell from their cheese as a helmet when others would attack. Some of the scenes you find throughout Madurodam include an attempted burglary at The Rijksmuseum, Troonrede (where the Queen speaks at parliament about the state of the country) and the world renowned Sinterklaas parade in Amsterdam. The amount of detail throughout Madurodam is amazing and for such a small country there certainly is a lot to see!

After walking around the entire country we went to Castricum Aan Zee (the beach). The dunes are unbelievable and walking paths run throughout them. We sat in a restaurant right on the beach with a hot drink by the fireplace and some cheese fondue for dinner. Life is good on our first day in Holland!Castricum Aan Zee


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