Camden Markets

We spent 6 hours wandering through the maze of stalls and booths throughout Camden’s Markets on a Saturday afternoon and could have easily gone for 6 more. Adding up all the stalls and booths out of the 6 markets in the area there is well over 1,000 of them to see. The markets we went to included Camden Street Market, Inverness Street Market, Electric Ballroom, Camden LockCamden Market Market, Camden Lock Village Market and Camden Stables Market.

Camden Street Market is closest to Camden tube station and has packed 200 stalls in narrow alleyways with pick pocketer safety messages everywhere you looked. This market was originally knows as Buck Street Market and was ultimate in crazyness. Most stalls had the same items in them so if you’re a good barterer it’s definitely the place to be since they never want to give up a sale. Inverness Street Market is just across from there where the location was once full of fruit and vegetable stalls however there are only a few left today. Electric Ballroom was a fashion market with both awesome and not so awesome designs, to each their own.

Camden Lock Market was my favourite area. It was once T.E. Dingwalls timber yard before other methods of transportation took over and it had to shut down. Only a few years later in 1973 the area became the first of Camden’s markets opened by Northside Developments Ltd as the original arts and crafts market. The Market Hall area consisted of primarily hand crafted items, mostly talented jewelers using a varietCamden Market Seatsy of different resources to make their jewellery out of. We saw everything from jewellery made out of scrabble pieces to orange peels! Camden Lock Village Market has rows and rows of food near the water making it extremely difficult to try and choose something. They had everything plus some like Zebra and Kangaroo meat. The coolest part about this area is you sit on these fake scooters lined up in a row with a bar table across the front of them. The iconic Lion for the market is also plastered on the side of buildings, as statues and as flags.

Camden Stables Market is massive and the home to some truly vintage items that would be difficult to find anywhere else. This area of the market has massive Camden Stables Marketstatues of horses throughout the building, never losing touch with what this space was once used for. Proud Camden is a club/bar inside the 200 year old Horse Hospital. They converted the original stables that used to house the horses who were injured pulling canal barges into hip lounge areas. This was a great place to stumble upon during the day as you could see how they kept original elements from the stalls when redesigning them. There are 7 stalls in total and each has an HD flat screen TV with the option to watch TV, Movies or even hook up the PS3 or Xbox Rock Band. The stalls all have a different personality to them and can be booked in advance for parties. Every evening there is live music starting at 7:30pm.

If you plan on visiting Camden Markets do not think this will be a morning thing to check out, it’s a full day’s worth of an adventure and you will be amazed at what you find!

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