Carnaby Street Christmas

This year Carnaby Street collaborated with the Rolling Stones for the Carnaby St Rolling Stones Storemost rocking out Christmas decorations of all time! We went to the street party last night to celebrate the launch of their art installations and check out the pop-up store GRRR! that was selling exclusive limited edition Rolling Stones merchandise and their recent album (image right) The street at night is turned red, and is designed by Patrick Woodroffe, who has done the stage lighting on every Rolling Stones tour since 1989. The gold vinyl records hung over the street with photos, artwork and album covers inside them. The famous arches were also dressed up with the Rolling Stones iconic logo (image featured above) These decorations were a tribute to the bands 50th anniversary with their association to the area rehearsing for their very first gig in nearby Broadwick Street.

Kingly CourtWe then were led by all the twinkling lights to Kingly Court, a three-storey courtyard just behind Carnaby Street. Each store was beautifully lit, and the court was full of unique boutiques, tea shops and cafes. Here we found something perfect to send home for Christmas! I’m not going to tell you what since I know our parents are probably reading this but you’ll just have to trust me it’s a great place to shop ;)

My favourite shop was Atelier Millinery. Atelier Millinery Hat StoreWhen you walk into her shop you’re surrounded with my favourite accessory, hats! It smells like glue in there with tons of drawers and stands of ribbons and bows for the many different classes they offer. From beginner to intermediate they will teach you how to build your own hat! It makes me want to switch professions or pick up a new expensive hobby. Hat makers are very talented and I was amazed with the lady in the store working away on a fedora while engaging with us in conversation.

We couldn’t just end our evening there but had to visit the world famous Hamleys! One of the largest toy stores in the world and 7 floors of fun, fun, fun. William Hamley opened up his first toNerf Shooting Rangey store in 1760 and it’s now a London landmark. The Hamleys we went to on Regent Street opened in 1881. David was thrilled with this store trying out all the toys and looking for things to “send back home to Etienne (our 4 year old nephew)” yah right. He looked very comfortable trying out the Nerf shooting range they had. This store is amazing and definitely worth the walk through. They had an entire floor of lego with the entire royal family built out of it! The lego guards stood just as still as the real ones too.

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