Fireworks 5th of November

Remember remember the 5th of November

Fireworks to celebrate Guy Fawkes? Seems strange to celebrate a man who tried to blow up parliament but the fireworks actually represent all the bonfires that people lit to celebrate the protection of their King. This celebration represents the 17th century grudge the English have on Guy Fawkes and those involved in the Gunpowder Plot. The celebration used to be much more threatening as a reminder to all British citizens the severity of being convicted of high treason, a reminder of how Fawkes was dealt with after being convicted. Parliament established November 5th as a celebration, a celebraFireworks at the Parktion of catching Fawkes. As twisted as a celebration of failure sounds it’s a great show to see! Good thing he was caught and now we have awesome fireworks each year to celebrate as opposed to what we could potentially be remembering.

With so many firework shows taking place throughout the city we decided we would keep it local and went to the one at Millwood Park which was put on by the Tower Hamlets Council Arts & Events Team. The show was amazing and not even painful on the ears to listen to! David and I bundled up in our winter hats, scarves, mitts and jackets to stand out for the display. Each set of fireworks that went off had it’s own song to go along with it. These fireworks started at 7:30 however I have a feeling we will be hearing more go off throughout the night tonight.

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