Pancakes, Parks & Prayer

A perfectly planned weekend with pancakes, parks and prayer. PancakesThis weekend we introduced some of our friends to a Canadian classic, Maple Syrup, with some traditional home made pancakes! I used my mom’s recipe that she would make for my dad every Sunday…then me…my younger sister…and then my youngest sister. To be honest, it’s one of the only things we would let mom make for us since no one could make them as fluffy as she could. Also, she would put chocolate chips in them and make them into animals. I made them just like this for our friends’ son. He had an elephant pancake! He didn’t take well to the maple syrup on his pancakes but he sure did enjoy dipping his bacon in it!

After the pancakes we walked through Greenwich Park starting from the south end, near Blackheath. Greenwich Park is the oldest royal park in London and covers 183 acres.Pavillion Tea House The park is at the top of a hill looking down the Thames River with St. Pauls Cathedral and the London Eye in the distance. At the edge of the hill is the Royal Observatory. The Pavilion Tea House  is one of many places to eat throughout the park that have their own private gardens. If you’re planning on visiting the park, here’s a link to their map. It’s a big park with plenty to see!

Now for the 3rd P of our weekend! Prayer. We’ve been attending the Christian Life Fellowship in Greenwich for the past 4 weeks and know this is the church we are meant to be attending! We don’t have any close family and they treat us as if we are part of theirs. They remember who we are, what we have going on and pray for us without being asked. David and I prayed about moving here, we prayed about finding a church and we prayed about what school I should be attending with each answer linking back to this church. We moved in the same area the church is held, this church has been praying for the school that I am attending using the classrooms as prayer rooms and we found the church using nearby search for churches around the school. The life-cycle of their prayer with ours is so evident and we are thankful for it. We thank God for being with us through this transition and for giving us a family in the church while we are so far away from ours. Prayer works.

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