Mail from England

We Got Mail

We received our very first piece of mail from back Popcorn sent in the mailhome today. It’s the greatest feeling ever, like waiting for Christmas morning but you’re not sure what day Christmas will be on! The yellow padded envelope was from Grandma and Grandpa and contained 4 packets of Orville Redenbacher’s finest microwavable popcorn. Perfect timing for us since every Tuesday David and I have pizza and a movie night. It was Fridays back in Canada but here it’s just cheaper for us on Tuesdays so we swapped days.

If you need any other great ideas of what to mail us from Canada here’s a list that might just help you out of items that are either unavailable here or they are but will cost a fortune:

  1. Microwaveable Popcorn, ALWAYS a good idea
  2. Brown Sugar and Maple Flavoured Oatmeal
  3. Anything from the Christie cookie family like Oreos
  4. Apple Cinamon Cheerios, my favourite (ask anyone I worked with) and not available here
  5. Chocolate chips for baking, they don’t have those here either except in tiny little bags
  6. Kraft Dinner
  7. Maple Syrup, David is currently rationing the amount we have until friends visit in late December

This list also applies to anyone else reading of what you should bring over with you when you move if you’ve got the extra space.

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