Dinosaurs, Organs & Harrods

This weekend was the perfect break between David’s job hunting and reading chapter after chapter of my school books. We decided to take advantage of some of the free museums nearby, V&A, Science Museum and The Natural History Museum. After majorly underestimating the size of these museums, thinking we could visit two or three of them in one day, we didn’t even get through one!

We ended up spending almost the entire day in the Natural History Museum (image featured above). The Natural History Museum is broken down into 4 different zones, blue (dinosaurs, mammals & reptiles) , red (the planet and it’s natural forces), green (ecology, bugs, birds & minerals) and orange (wildlife garden & Darwin centre). We got through all of the red zone, green zoTuojiangosaurusne and the dinosaurs from the blue zone.

My favourite part was the Dinosaurs! You had to line up to go see them, or stand in the “queue” as they say here. During the wait you could donate money to light up one of the dinosaurs outside the exhibit and hear it roar. Definitely some good marketing going on. If you donated via text your name would be displayed on the screen beside the dinosaur.

This dino pictured above is a Tuojiangosaurus, pronunciation is two-wang-oh-sore-us. This little guy is 6.7 meters long and a peaceful plant eater. The intimidating plates and spikes are just protecting itself from the meat-eaters so don’t worry. If you don’t eat him, he’ll leave you alone ;)

After the hours flew by in the museum we walked down the street to visit Harrods. The Harrods building is beautifully lit at night (image right) Harrodsand full of clothing, shoes, toys and food that I don’t think I will be able to afford anytime soon. My favourite part of Harrods was of course the chocolate, cheese and then the Christmas section! Part of one of the 5 floors of the store is all Christmas stuff with fake snow and everything.

I also loved/laughed in the “Harrods” section of the store. It’s for people like me who can’t actually afford any line they carry in the store but might be able to splurge a little on one of the stuffed bears with a Harrods sweater on it to feel better about yourself. The bears were very cute though, and I’m sure the sweater muuust have been designer.

David got asked more times then me if he needed help with anything, glad I have a rich looking man at least. I hardly got asked at all for help…it could’ve been my ripped purse I was carrying at the time.

To finish the weekend off we went to an organ recital by Robert Quinney at Westminster Abbey. Most memorable fact for me about the organist himself was that he also played at the Marriage of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The building is unbelievable with so much attention to detail you could just sit and stare at the walls for hours. Westminster AbbeyYou were not allowed to take photos inside the church so included in the post is the photo from the outside (image left). You will just have to go visit Westminster Abbey yourself to see how remarkable it is. If you’re like us and tight on budget go to a recital or service, they are free, otherwise, pay the fee and get the tour because I’m sure the entire building would be fabulous to see.

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