Home for the Year

After 1 month and 3.5 weeks into our marriage we are proud to announce we got the keys to our very first place together! Since we are miles away from most of our family and friends I’ve included in this post our house warming video tour.

You’ll be quick to notice it’s short. Well, that’s because our place is in fact a room…in a house. It turns out we just didn’t have the budget for our own house in London, who knew. Happens all the time in the movies.

Anyway, our house is in a quiet and safe neighbourhood. It’s close to transit and a 35min walk to my school. Front door to our houseWe’ve got an ASDA (Walmart owned grocery/multipurpose store) nearby as well as many independent butchers, cheese shops and local produce over in Greenwich. We share the kitchen with 4 other people bringing the number of occupants of the house to 6. Best part about this house is it has 2 showers and 2 toilets! The strangest thing about all the places we looked at here is there are no living/communal sitting areas. They have all been transformed into another bedroom by the landlords for someone to rent. At least we have a kitchen table in this place for people to sit at.

We want to sincerely thank all of you for your prayers, tips and encouragement during our search. It kept us sane during all the frustrating paper work, reference checking and slightly intimidating areas we had to check out.

From our new home, Emily & David.

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