Time for Gelato

My weakness is frozen desserts. Cakes, pies and cookies I can easily pass up but for some reason ice cream, gelato and sherberts break all diets, eating patterns and rules. Black Vanilla GelatoToday we went to Black Vanilla in Greenwich for gelato. It was definitely a case of comfort food eating after such a stressful week. The house we moved into caused a lot of hassle and my timetable for school has not been posted. Gelato was the perfect solution! Gelato is also better for you then going straight for the tub of ice-cream. Ice cream has a 16-26% fat compared to gelato’s 4-8%. So really, it was the healthy choice.

The toughest decision when you’re in Black Vanilla is choosing what flavour to get! Since it was taking me an abnormally long time to choose just one flavour David said we will have to go back again. Perfect :) I decided to go with coffee and it was amazing! David had the caramel de leche (image right) which was also very good. Next time I’m thinking hazelnut, or pistachio, or salted caramel…



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