Realfood Festival

We love food! Unashamed to admit it, whenever there is a food festival happening it rules out almost anything else that is happening at the same time. Real Food FestivalToday we went to our first food festival in London! The Realfood Festival at Southbank Centre runs all weekend and every weekend celebrating the very best in sustainable and ethically produced food (image left). What’s unique about this festival compared to your usual food festivals is all the producers are hand picked on quality, not their ability to pay for a booth. This keeps the festival genuine and you know you’re getting the best the British Isles has to offer!

Along with the great food is also live music, street performers and a variety of shows such as let’s talk farming mini sheep show (image right). They introduced 3 breeds of sheep, (Suffolk, Norfolk Horn and Southdown) and then they do a demonstration of how to properly shave a sheep. Let's Talk Farming Mini Sheep ShowOne sheep’s wool is bought from the farmer for around £2 (the highest it’s been in years), he then pays the people who roll it around £1.50 per sheep so at the end of the day he’s only making a 50p profit. This clearly is not enough to feed a sheep until it’s time to shave it again and is a reminder that the farmer is not shaving his sheep for the money but to keep them healthy.

There was a company there called WoolCool who uses the wool to insulate packaging for temperature sensitive products that can then be shipped by courier. The wool acts as an insulation and is also fire resistant. Wool is actually a pretty amazing sustainable material with many uses.

After walking around the booths a few times, seeing a man blow fire out of his tuba and a performer floating without touching the ground we decided it was time for a drink! We both tried Toffee Vodka from Thunder Vodka and it wasn’t that bad! Now you all know this must’ve been good if I even managed to keep it down. With dinner David had a London Lager from Meantime Brewing Company and for dessert a latte and cappuccino from The Ethiopian Coffee Company.

Southbank Centre was the perfect place for this festival and we’re happy that the food drew us in to discovering it! The centre is surrounded by 5 venues all revolving around the arts with over 1,000 performers annually. PropstoreThe area has plenty of restaurants and shops as well! My favourite is pictured to the left, it’s all about the props ;) There is also a great skate park with some talented graffiti art covering all the walls. We also had the chance to watch some dancers perform the waltz, fox trot and cha cha.

Overall this is a great spot for a walk around the water, seeing some talented street performers and eating from some of the best street food vendors around!

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