Piccadilly Circus

Shopping Oxford St., Carnaby St. & Piccadilly Circus

No matter what your budget you can find a perfect place to shop in London to match it. Recently we found some stores that would match our budget as a student and freelancer in the top shopping destination in London. Oxford St., Carnaby St.  & Piccadilly Circus is where you need to go!

Our first stop was to Topshop on Oxford Street. This location had thousands (not an exaggeration) of different items in it spread over 4 floors. One extremely noticeable difference between fashion in London compared to Toronto is that anything goes on the streets here. There are no rules of fashion and you wouldn’t stand out in a crowd if you chose to wear the most bizarre pattern combination you could think of.

Also on Oxford Street was Primark. This store made me happy because I don’t think I saw one thing over £20 including their boots and jackets! They had everything you would want in a high-end fashion store then plus some with an affordable house and home section. David & I made our first London home purchase here of some face cloths, a fitted sheet, pillow cases and a flat sheet all for the grand total of £18. This is our store to shop in!

Once we walked most of Oxford Street we went down to Piccadilly Circus (pictured in the featured image of the post). We could tell immediately why this is such a popular meeting spot. David PurkissThe theatres are all close by as well as shopping and a bunch of restaurants. David found a small music shop down one of the roundabout streets with an insane amount of acoustic guitars. Down in the basement though was a room just for him with a bunch of bass guitars. Although it’s not quite in our budget to purchase an instrument he was very happy we found this store. Some brands are the same as back home but most were unfamiliar. I’m sure we will be back here.

After hanging around Piccadilly Circus for a bit we went to check out the famous Carnaby Street. This street is lined with unique boutiques. My favourite boutique was Irregular Choice (image right). Irregular ChoiceThe shop had beautifully designed shoes unlike any I have ever seen before. I could have easily spent the entire day staring at them however the longer we stayed in the store the more I wanted a pair of my own. The best thing about London shoes are the heels. They are at a perfect height of 1-2 inches making it easy to walk for longer periods of time. Love it!

Another great store we checked out on Carnaby Street was Johnny Cupcakes. The interior of the store is all set up like a bakery and they sell printed t-shirts with a cupcake on them. This is the only London location however there are a few others is the US as well as their headquarters. Johnny Cupcakes is a perfect example of how to tell your brand story in a compelling way to your audience.

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