Scammers Beware!

While looking for a place to rent we have come across many scammers!!! Luckily we recognized them as a scam before it went too far. Since this has happened to us we’re going to share our tips with you to help if you find yourself in the same situation. Anyone who is looking for a place to rent no matter what country you’re in please listen up!

1) DO NOT EVER send a Western Union Transfer in the name of a friend or family member in order to “prove” you have sufficient funds. Even if they say they will have a lawyer stop by the house for you to sign papers, they won’t touch the money until they are with you and all sorts of other lies, don’t believe it.

2) If they give you an address and they say the house is empty but they live out of town, verify for yourself that it is in fact empty. Go stop by the house to check it out! You might find it is simply not there OR there are people living in it who are not renting. Today we did just this, no answer at the door so we asked the neighbour. They said their friends had been living next door for years and have never rented out a room out.

3) If you need a place to live immediately when you arrive from overseas I highly recommend booking a place for a few days prior (we booked a place for 2 weeks on airbnb) If you are moving for work your employer should help you find accommodation and verify living spaces for you. If you are moving for school your university will help you find a place and verify for you what is real and what is a scam.

4) Lastly, please don’t pay money upfront for anything until you are positive the landlord is who they say they are! Make sure you see the rooms, not only photos. You have just as many rights as they do to ask questions of authenticity.

Please share with anyone you know who is looking for a place to rent to watch out for these things. After you’ve been searching for a few days straight you start falling for things that might not line up because you want the search to be over. Keep going, you’ll find a place :)

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