For Rent Sign

Finding a Place to Live

Today we spent the ENTIRE DAY looking for a place to live. We talked to a few people about areas, walked around a bit (no for rent signs anywhere) and then we took our search to the web. David was primarily in charge of search then I would contact our leads through email and set up our accounts.

We used a bunch of different sites contacting as many people as possible based on the area codes we were looking in. The results were low primarily because people’s interest in accommodating married couples is very little. We set our budget to be no higher then £600 per month. We found plenty of ads for students and professionals just not married couples!

Our first source for searching was Gumtree, it reminds me of the UK version of Kijiji. From here we also got our first reply and it was a fishy one. Within the body of the email contained the words “West Union” transfer money request which immediately screams out SCAM to me. The person renting out the room wanted us to transfer money using West Union to a friends name and they would then access it through that friends name…instead of just paying them??? No way, SCAM. So the search continued..

The other sites we used were Christian Flat Share, and The ones with the highest response rate have been Gumtree & Christian Flate Share. We went to look at one place today and have another set up for tomorrow. The one tonight was a disaster. Let’s hope tomorrow’s goes a bit better.

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