Greenwich, London

We Made it to London

After a 2 hour delayed flight from Toronto, Ontario to Gatwick, London, a train ride (carrying 4 suitcases, a bass guitar, 2 brief cases) and a taxi ride with a driver who got lost, WE FINALLY MADE IT!!! We have different stories from each “step” of the trip that we will always remember. First on the plane, the lady beside us asks “Are you newly weds” we smile say yes, her reply “I could tell, you still laugh at each others jokes” Second was on the train, given all our luggage we had to strategize about how to efficiently get on and off it without getting in people’s way…most difficult part of the trip. And lastly the taxi driver who kept calling me “Love” throughout the entire drive. Favourite part for me was seeing Davids face when he saw the London Bridge, we are staying fairly close to there.

We found a place to stay for the next 2 weeks on Airbnb while we look for a more permanent place to live. Our first night our host took us to “The Greenwich Union“, the only pub in London to sell no national brewers products at all. After a Beer we grabbed some Fish n Chips for our walk back to Crossharbour, the area we are staying in. Given the time change we forced ourselves to stay up for a late night of 9:30pm (I know, sad, but we hardly slept on the flight)

The following day we went to enroll at Greenwich School of Management, street view photo for you below. Greenwich School of ManagementIt turns out we just missed a lady from the school who was traveling to Canada to share about the opportunities in studying here, so friends back home keep your eye out for this school! We also met with Kirk, he’s the accommodation person at the school. He’s going to keep us posted on places that come up accomodating married couples. Other places we are looking is Gumtree and Christian Flat Share. Hopefully it won’t take us too long to find a place :)

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