Final day at Grand & Toy

You know your last day of work is tomorrow but no matter how much you “prepare” yourself to leave it’s not an easy thing to do! During my time at Grand & Toy I worked closely with many talented marketers and creatives who I will surely miss. I learned plenty from them in their area of expertise and helped build out digital elements for their campaigns.

All I can do is reflect on the good and everything I’ll miss about this place. Although there were some days I felt like ripping my hair out, at the end of the day I still loved my job, my boss (Laura Lee Catleugh) was fantastic and those challenges I were facing were really what drove me to excel in this position.

One of my most memorable projects was training our customer care team on Twitter and presenting on the importance of monitoring brand conversations through social. They were such a supportive team! We started with the basics of Twitter and now they run the show for us, helping customers out through social media. ^ES and ^MC @Grand_and_Toy is #teamawesome.

For more info on what else I worked on at Grand & Toy feel free to check out my LinkedIn Profile or Brandyourself

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