I Quit My Job for School

5 weeks ago I had to write my very first letter of resignation. It was rather difficult to do as I was happy with the company I worked for, had an awesome boss and my career was off to a great start. I knew that there was room for me to grow here but I also had to think about what I really wanted to do 10 years from now and what I would need (credential wise) to get there. What it came down to was, “I need my MBA”

I had a few options to do this and had to choose from the following: 1. Work on it part-time while keeping my job and take years to complete (in my mind this was translated as work all day, then come home and work some more) 2. Quit my job and get it done in Toronto over 2 years full-time. Working in the summers and part-time during the year 3. Quit job, move to another country and get it done in 12months while traveling and being completely broke.

I chose option 3 (I’m sure this wouldn’t be everyone’s first choice and that’s okay!) I talked it over with my now husband and he said we should do it…..how perfect is he!!! With this decision he ALSO had to quit his job, put his career in Toronto on hold and start looking for work when we move to support us both. I was asking a lot from him and he just keeps encouraging me to go after what I want.

So all in all yes I quit my job and did quit for school BUT when completed I will be coming back to Canada with so much more. I will have the experience of living in a different country for 1 year, make great business connections from all over the world, travel as much as possible with my husband and return to Canada with my MBA knowing I will not have to put my career on hold for educational credentials again.

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